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Improvement through Proper Instruction is a two-way street

It is the instructor’s responsibility to individualize all drills and protocols, provide clear and understandable guidelines, and closely monitor and track the player’s performance and make necessary adjustments.

It is the player’s responsibility to come to each session physically and mentally prepared to challenge himself physically and mentally, to work diligently throughout the practice session, and practice the techniques on his own between each lesson or clinic.

The player is encouraged to ask his coach Four Key Questions at any time during the learning process:

WHAT is the drill?

WHY should I do the drill?

HOW do I perform the drill?

WHEN should I practice the drill?

A clear understanding of these principles can have a positive impact on the learning process!

Espinosa Baseball instruction
Espinosa Baseball hitting instruction

Types of Instruction

Espinosa Baseball hitting instruction front toss


Mechanical instruction built upon the pillar of Mindset

Espinosa Baseball pitching instruction


Develop an efficient, stress- free, repeatable delivery

Espinosa Baseball infield instruction


Learn MLB infield techniques based on Perry Hill's 6-Fs

Espinosa Baseball catching instruction


Practice receiving, throwing and blocking skills