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Developing High-Performance Pitchers

Long term pitching success begins with the development of an Efficient, Stress-Free, Repeatable Motion.

Healthy velocity gains should be a byproduct of:

  • Physical Development
  • A Solid Delivery Foundation
  • A Carefully Structured Seasonal Throwing Program

While no two pitchers are exactly alike, High-Performance Pitchers share several traits.

Traits of High Performance Pitchers:

  1. Good BALANCE – control of body and a strong, stable base
  2. Good RHYTHM and timing through various sequences
  3. Proper WEIGHT TRANSFER and good rotational forces
  4. Proper STRIDE with good alignment of feet, shoulders, and arm towards the plate
  5. A CONSISTENT ARM PATH during the acceleration and deceleration phases
  6. A LONG ARC OF DECELERATION of the upper torso and arm. The head and shoulders should finish outside a braced stride leg
Espinosa Baseball pitching lesson
Espinosa Baseball pitching instruction mirror work

Types of Instruction

Espinosa Baseball hitting instruction front toss


Mechanical instruction built upon the pillar of Mindset

Espinosa Baseball infield instruction


Learn MLB infield techniques based on Perry Hill's 6-Fs

Espinosa Baseball catching instruction


Practice receiving, throwing and blocking skills