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Progressive Catching Drills

Tampa Bay Rays Catching Coordinator, Jeff Smith, is one of our Off-Season Guest Instructors. Jeff has developed a series of catching progressions over the course of his twenty-five year professional career which constitutes our Catching Curriculum. 

Receiving is the most important element in the catching arsenal. Framing is an advanced technique that is taught only when the catcher is proficient at receiving with a quiet body and soft hands. 

Throwing begin with an efficient transfer, good footwork, and efficient arm action. It begins and ends with vision.

Blocking Technique is broken down into distinct steps and practiced daily. As with all baseball skills, blocking begins with a balanced base and a positive attitude.

The development of a variety of individualized catching stances and setups is vitally important to the catcher’s future development.

Espinosa Baseball catching instruction receiving drill

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