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Hitting Mechanics Built With Mindset Preparation

Mechanics are the physical techniques required to succeed against pitchers during competition. Elements of good hitting mechanics include Balance and Posture, Proper Sequencing, and a compact, efficient, and quick bat path. Our Foundational Drills teach and reinforce our core philosophy: HIPS lead the hands. HANDS stay inside the ball. SWING level to the ball. (HHS)

Mindset is the pillar upon which future hitting success is built and must be nurtured and developed throughout all phases of practice, competition, and post-competition analysis.

Elements of a successful Mindset include Work Ethic, a Team First Attitude, and a Commitment to Deliberate Practice at 80% of game intensity.

Espinosa Baseball Private Lessons Hitting

Types of Instruction

Espinosa Baseball pitching instruction


Develop an efficient, stress- free, repeatable delivery

Espinosa Baseball infield instruction


Learn MLB infield techniques based on Perry Hill's 6-Fs

Espinosa Baseball catching instruction


Practice receiving, throwing and blocking skills