About Joe Espinosa & Staff


Owner, Director and Lead Instructor

Joe Espinosa has nearly 30 years of coaching and scouting experience in both college and professional baseball. At Amherst College he worked with infielders and served as the team’s Recruiting Coordinator.

He was a College Advisor and Evaluator for Head First Honor Baseball before joining the Amherst staff.

Joe is the founder and director of Espinosa Baseball. He conducts a variety of instructional as well as college exposure camps in the Northeast as well and in South Florida throughout the year.

Joe Espinosa is dedicated to helping players connect their ability and motivation with fundamentally sound baseball technique. To this end, he has created a comprehensive training program and teaching curriculum addressing the instructional needs of young baseball players.

Joe has worked on this with a wide variety of coaches including Perry Hill, Bill Thurston, and Mike Epstein.

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